What is it? Why?...Bad Simon

It is built from two feelings. Our Person is an Elizabethan lemon Beagle named Simon who is characterized by his bad temper and the movie A Clockwork Orange. From the above, we integrate and/or adapt the face of our beagle Simon with some characteristic features of Alex DeLarge, narrator and main character of Clockwork Orange.

Glasses that tell stories.

Each glasses is unique and exclusive since it has the FAN ART label, because it is illustrated and painted completely by hand, making it unique in its art and design.

At Bad Simon we are changing the way of wearing traditional glasses, to glasses that add comfort, design and style. Making glasses in Italian Mazzucchelli Acetate with all the standards of quality and modernity.

This model is a semi-square frame that, with its lightweight design, provides comfort and style regardless of the size and shape of the face.

Hand Made Art

Handcrafted glasses to tell stories.